Why Creativity is the New Economy

The RSA President’s Lecture: Why Creativity is the New Economy

10th Sep 2012; 18:30

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The 2012 RSA President’s Lecture

We are living in a time of “Great Reset” – when economic crisis provides an opportunity to rethink virtually every aspect of our lives – from how and where we live, to how we work, to how we invest in individuals and infrastructure, to how we shape our cities and regions.

Taking a deeper look at the forces reshaping our economy, and giving us a provocative new way to think about why we live as we do – and where we might be headed, Richard Florida shows how these forces, when combined, will spur a fresh era of growth and prosperity, define a new geography of progress, and create surprising opportunities for all of us.

Using lessons from the last ten years to show how Creative Class theory has grown from a prediction to a prescription for an economy in turmoil, Florida argues the need for a new social compact to put us back on the path to economic growth. Florida’s Creative Compact commits to developing the full human potential and creative capabilities of every person, and suggests a new set of institutional supports to ensure a more robust and sustainable social system around the new world of work.

Speaker: Dr Richard Florida, director, the Martin Prosperity Institute and Professor of Business and Creativity at the University of Toronto and NYU; senior editor, The Atlantic and is the author of several influential global best sellers, including the award-winning ‘The Rise of the Creative Class‘.

Introduced by: HRH The Princess Royal, RSA President.

Chair: Luke Johnson, RSA Chair.

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This is a really superb lecture and discussion on how cities and the creativity they foster can produce a brighter future.

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