Are we falling behind? Can we catch up?

Are we falling behind?  Can we catch up?


I read today that Angola will have fast 4G mobile data services before the UK ( This is an example of the sort of thing that we have to get a grip of if we are not going to fall behind not just other developed countries but also the newly industrialising ones.  The current mobile data services in the UK are already slow and overloaded; using them for anything more than basic email is invariably frustrating and in many places impossible.  Compare the difference in performance as soon as the same device connects to Wi-Fi and you will know what I mean.  During my travels, I have invariably found improved performance, including in countries such as Ghana and Mozambique. 


As always, the UK skimps when installing infrastructure, but goes way over the top in terms of enquiries, committees, pressure groups etc., etc.  A few people complain about a mobile phone mast, resulting in a much larger number of people failing to get the services they need.  People complain about a lack of opportunities and economic development in rural areas, but will  be the first to moan when there is any suggestion that the necessary infrastructure is built in their little picture postcard village.  High speed rail, wind turbines, affordable housing, the list goes on, and personally I don’t want to be stuck in some Daily Mail inspired backward society.  People of Britain it is time to grow up and embrace the future before you a left behind and the whole country becomes a museum.



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